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When searching for a certified arborist you must take into consideration their certifications, their insurance, their experience and their track record. Diligence and professionalism is of the utmost importance when working in the tree service industry. Working with Hamilton Tree Service sets your project up for success. We employ certified arborists with years of experience in the tree service industry, specializing in the removal of trees, stumps, tree trimming and pruning services as well as stump grinding services. Whether you need complete tree removal on a residential property you own, clearing on an industrial lot, or stump removal services on your commercial development, Hamilton Tree Service can provide you with the best tree service rates in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

An arborist is an artist who must prioritize safety, focus, efficiency and perfectionism. There is a lot of variables in the removal of trees and stumps, when using heavy equipment and creating an image in your mind of what the hedge is suppose to look like. Hamilton Tree Service employs dedicated individuals who are determined to do what is right for our clients and those around them. We are a passionate team who strive to work towards putting smiles on the people around us, always.

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A certified arborist can sometimes be hard to come by, other times it’s incredibly easy; please be diligent about certifications and track records! When we write “track records” we are suggesting that you speak with or see previous work that has been completed. There is no margin for error in the removal of hazardous trees or operating heavy equipment. And an arborist must pay attention as a tree surgeon to know when to make the right choices.

If you would like to speak with a trusted, reliable, friendly, professional certified arborist who prides themselves on quality customer service, call Hamilton Tree Service today! We look forward to hearing about your tree service needs. A Hamilton arborist is here for you and we always provide fast, free estimates!

If you need a quick and easy, free, no-obligation quote, speak with one of our trusted representatives at Hamilton Tree Service today about your project! Hamilton tree surgeons take care of trees for their health and age.

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